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Welcome to Alliance Bay Realty Career Center. We are excited to have you join as a significant member of our team. Joining our company is very simple and the entire sign up process will take less than 10 minutes.

Once you have completed the information below you will be given instructions on transferring your license with the DRE. We will email you the company office policy manual, the contract and other required forms. You can send them back either via fax or email.

The fastest and easiest way to move your license over is to log into your elicensing account on the DRE website ( and change your employing broker to DRE # 01522539

Please follow these final steps and you will be officially licensed as an Alliance Bay Funding Inc / Alliance Bay Realty agent who can begin conducting transactions immediately.


Fill out the Office Manual Policy CLICK HERE

Also fill out the Independent Contractor Agreement CLICK HEREĀ 

BOTH FORMS NEED TO BE EMAILED TO US. to be certified on the DRE site.